Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Taking It Easy---Guilt Free!

I found my first persimmon on my birthday last week. Cainan cut it open and we found a spoon shape in the pit!

For quite some time, I've been really intentional about trying to be home more and do the things of homemaking. It wasn't so difficult back in the days of having just young kids at home; but now we're at a place where we've got more teens than not and they have all kinds of things they want to be involved in. Whomever worries about "unsocialized" homeschoolers does NOT get it. Ha! They need to be worried more about OVERLY socialized homeschoolers and their poor mothers!

Lately I've been dealing with some health issues that are forcing me to be very choosy with my time. I've only got enough stamina and emotional energy for a few things each day so I've been very intentional about focusing on the things of home. When I must be out for a day, I spend the next day relaxing at home. Saturday night, my husband and I chaperoned 10 teenagers to a dance two hours away and didn't return until 1:00 am. I spent Sunday mainly in my chair with a book, but I did make a very nice beef stew and biscuits lunch with peach cobbler for dessert.

Monday morning we needed to start back to school after a two week break. I spent the morning putting together the kids' assignment sheets, photocopying and printing literally hundreds of pages for some prep work that needed doing, and grading a big stack of math and English assignments. By the lunch hour, I was feeling very weak and tired so I asked my son to make me a hot sandwich and took a break in a comfortable place.

Not too long ago, I would have felt guilty taking so much "time off"---and there's no way I would have actually told you all about it. Ha! But, God is using this season to teach me about the importance of rest. The more I'm at home, the more I want to be home---and this is truly where I'm called to be!

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